I have Google Adsense ads running on this blog. If you’re not familiar with Adsense, it basically takes the content of your website and delivers up ads that match the keywords in that content. The theory is that people will see relevant ads based on what they’re reading. You don’t really have much control over what ads Google decides to deliver, but it is possible to exclude or ban certain advertisers from showing up.

voteno-big So, today when I visited my blog, I noticed that one of the banner ads (the one that appears directly below the first post on the homepage) was now serving up an advertisement from a website called ProtectMarriage [dot] com (I don’t want to show the full URL as a link because I don’t want more advertising in support of them). Here in California, we have a Proposition on the November ballot to ban same-sex marriage. It’s called Proposition 8 and everyone who lives in California needs to vote NO on this. If you believe that marriage is between a man and a women, then that’s just fine, nobody is telling you that you can’t continue this belief. Nobody is going to convert you and make you gay. But we all have equal protection under the law and this includes the right to marry. If you tell me marriage is defined in the Bible, then I ask you to recall the freedom of religion and separation of church and state. We are not all part of the same religion but we are all citizens. If you say it is defined by God, then I ask why are Atheists allowed to marry ? If you say it is to protect the children, then I ask you why single parents are allowed to raise children? If it is to protect the children, then why is divorce even acceptable and legal? How can a country that even allows divorce,  at the same time also fiercely defend the institution of marriage? How is a country with a 50% divorce rate supposed to maintain the argument that marriage is about protecting the children?

I decided to visit the ProtectMarriage website and their slogan is actually, “Restoring Marriage & Protecting California Children”. Restoring marriage to what? A legal tax shelter between a man and a woman, who in turn can divorce any time they choose once the circumstances don’t work for them anymore? Protect the children from what? All those scary gay people who actually want to raise children in a loving 2-adult family relationship and stable environment? Or maybe you’d rather defend your perfect institution of marriage and keep that 50% divorce rate all to yourselves, and raise those children in broken homes, with domestic violence on the rise and abuse and neglect hiding behind closed doors. And don’t even get me started on the church’s sexual abuse of children.

Governor Palin and her broken sham of a family, with her teenage daughter pregnancy out of wedlock and her forced teenage marriage and husband who is a member of a terrorist organization intent on having Alaska succeed from the Union…  now there’s some family values worth protecting.

Give me a break. This is one of the biggest civil rights issues to face our generation and I see no difference between the issue of gay marriage and the issue of inter-racial black/white marriages of the 50’s and 60’s. Once again, it comes down to fear and God and hate.

Get out and vote NO on Proposition 8 and Vote Yes for Obama.

And be sure to jump over to the ProtectMarriage [dot] com website and review their list of published supporters and endorsements… make sure that the organizations and companies that you choose to do business with are not on that list. And to learn more about how you can help defeat Prop 8, visit http://www.noonprop8.com/.

There is an old story about a house burning down while the owner frantically worked to put out the flames. The neighbors just stood by and watched, closing their doors and shutting their blinds because it wasn’t their house that was burning and they couldn’t be bothered. And after the house was burned to the ground, it jumped to each roof top down the line. The humanity we ignore today will be each of our problems tomorrow. Today it may just be our gay rights on the line… but tomorrow it will be yours. Hatred and discrimination is not a way of life, it’s an evil disease that will not stop spreading just because you are white and rich and religious.

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