fb_prop8_logo_buttonWe’re in the home stretch for the November 4th election and while the Presidential election is still the major battle, California is deep in a heated fight over Proposition 8, the measure to make same-sex marriage permanently illegal.

It almost seems that at this point, people are already either sharply for or against Prop 8, so maybe it’s too late for making last minute convincing arguments. But I think we have to keep up the fight until the end to make sure people vote NO on prop 8.

I am continually just amazed at the supporters of Prop 8 I see around town. The other day I saw 3 young girls standing at an intersection in Carlsbad, holding signs for “Yes on Prop 8, Save Our Family”. Are you kidding me? These girls looked to be about ages 8 t0 12 or 13. Clearly these kids were put there by their parents, although no adults were anywhere around them on the corner. Do these kids even know what love is yet? Are they old enough to even formulate a rational argument for or against gay marriage? One of them is probably a closet lesbian already, just following along in their little town that pushes it’s morality on everyone else, living in their over-priced over-mortgaged houses, driving their 3 over-financed cars and drowning in their $80,000 dollars in debt. It’s just sad. These little girls smiling and having fun… waving their hate and discrimination signs. In my mind, I see the little school girls in the 1960’s with their little school dresses on waving signs that “white is right”, or “no blacks in our schools”, or “keep our schools segregated”. Fear of having to change their little precious world. Hate taught to children by scared and uneducated adults.

If you ask me, the greatest threat to family and our children and the institution of marriage is… divorce. Why is that legal? Why are straight people, so proud of the institution and it’s vows and it’s morality, allowed to just throw it all away when it’s convenient. It’s sick… just plain sick. This is a basic civil rights issue, plain and simple.

A few years ago, I went to an Anti-Reverend Phelps rally in Seattle and I snapped this picture below. I thought it was most appropriate right now as we enter into this great fight of our generation.

This is not someone else’s problem… I urge each of us to get out and do anything we can to make our country, our towns, our communities and our families more equal, more fair and more compassionate.



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