A friend sent over the link to this video below on YouTube, created in support of the NO on Prop 8. It puts forth the question, “Have we learned anything from history?”, and I think it’s a great reminder of the path our country has been on in the not-so-distant past. I firmly believe that gay marriage will one day be one of those issues that society will collectively look back on and wonder how we could have discriminated so much against it. Just as this generation is amazed to think interracial marriage was illegal just 41 years ago, our next generation of tomorrow will also find it hard to believe we were so divided over gay marriage.

Those who discriminate against same-sex marriage, will be on the wrong side of history. They will be one of the silent and cowardly people who stood idly by while human rights were stepped on or eliminated. History will write them in with the company of those segregationists and bigots of 50 years ago who spit and pushed and shouted at black students and interracial couples. Their children and their grandchildren, who grow up in an accepting society around gay friends, will put them on the side of history that got it wrong and as those who discriminate grow old they will find themselves ashamed for the hate they spread in the name of their family and their god.


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