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The weekend before last I traveled back up to Seattle for my friend Waatti’s wedding. I hadn’t actually been back there since I moved away almost 3 1/2 years ago!! Amazing huh? So it was really good to see everyone. The wedding was great and it was nice to see Waatti’s family – my adopted-extended Seattle family. Waatti and I used to work together at 2 different companies (her name is actual Sharon… Waatti is her last name but we just call her Waatti). I did the photography of the wedding and Dylan did photos/video of the ceremony. I still have to sort through the pictures but once I do, I’ll post the best up here online. I usually don’t do wedding photography but I couldn’t pass up the chance to cover this wedding and help out.

Most of the long weekend was just spent hanging out with old friends/roommates and drinking and eating. I stayed at my friend Ben Waldman’s beautiful house on Lake Washington… thanks Ben (I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read this blog… but oh well lol)

kale-bottle-service This past weekend was Kale’s birthday and the boys from Seattle came down to San Diego to visit and party. We did the usual night out of dinner and drinks and then a little dancing at Rich’s. Kale ended up getting bottle service at Rich’s, which is really a lot of fun. It goes for about $150 and gets 4 people in the door free, a bottle of Vodka and unlimited mixers, plus a private booth. It’s nice to be able to go dance for a bit and then regroup back at the booth where you always have a place to sit and chat and drink more. I recommend it to anyone with a decent size group going out. After 4 or 5 people the bottle service pretty much pays for itself with drinks and cover etc.

Here’s a quick shot I took with my iPhone of the dance floor in Rich’s… not very exciting but oh well. The lights are cool.


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This weekend was fun and relaxing. Another couple of perfect 90 degree San Diego days. Saturday night a group of us went downtown to a new bowling alley for a friend’s birthday. I hadn’t been bowling in many years so it was fun to hit the lanes again. It was a little more expensive then the last time I bowled… $60 bucks per hour per lane!  So the lanes, with shoes, beer and food ended up costing us a total of just about $400. Definitely not a family leisure-time activity anymore. But on a good note, surprisingly, I won both rounds on our lane. I still got it! haha

This weekend also marked the opening of the latest nightclub in Hillcrest called Universal. I actually ended up stopping in all three nights for a different event each night. Friday was a little private opening party. Saturday was the grand opening and then Sunday night was the industry party and we had a couple of booths with bottle service. The club is nice and the design and construction are well done, but we are all a little skeptical on how popular it will actually be. It’s a mixed crowd, straight and gay, which is cool but we’ll see how long that lasts. Already last night I heard people saying, “some drunk chick just spilled her drink on me… let’s head out and go to Rich’s” lol A lot of gay guys have a short fuse when it comes to really drunk girls. I felt like the club might be a little too LA or Las Vegas. I think people live in San Diego for a reason and that type of uppity dressed up crowd is a tough sell. Boys like their jeans and flip flops. Visually, I think the club adds a lot to that area of University Avenue. We’ll see if they can actually fill the place. I’ve always said the 2 rules of a successful club are 1- good drinks and 2- a good crowd. People want to be where everyone else is. If nobody is going there to look pretty and get a strong drink, the crowd will migrate someplace else.

Anyway, here’s a few pics from my iPhone.

The last picture is just a shot of a sunset I caught last week driving home through Solana Beach, just a couple miles south of my office on Highway 101. Summer is here!












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The official video of the 2008 Rufskin Fashion show is now up on YouTube. My roommate Dylan ( shot and edited the video.

2008 Rufskin Fashion Show, Rich’s San Diego.

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Here are a few pictures from Halloween week in San Diego. Halloween on a Wednesday sucks! There are parties the weekend before and on the actual day of Halloween. It’s a lot of fun though 🙂 The pictures are from 2 different clubs: The Flame where we had a Pimp’s and Ho’s party and costume contest. I hosted the contest, which is why my costume looked so damn fly!! haha

The other pictures are from Rich’s nightclub on Saturday night. There was another costume contest that I also hosted. I dressed as a zombie along with about 5 other friends.

I’m missing pictures from the Wednesday night of actual Halloween. I didn’t carry my camera around that night… mostly because I didn’t want to remember the costume I was in haha. But if I can roundup any pictures from friends then I’ll post them for fun.

Click the image below to view the photo slideshow.

Halloween in San Diego

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Ok, lot’s of video clips to post this weekend… I”m finally catching up on things. Here’s a few more video clips from Voltage on Saturday night at Rich’s with DJ Nikno. Some of these are pretty dark but the lighting is cool. It was an awesome night again and a really cool crowd.

There are more clips after the jump link below.

This one starts off without any lights on but I think the strobes are cool and then the synthesizer lights come on at the highpoint of the song.

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