efusjon_logo_new There are a bunch of new energy drinks and health drinks out on the market these days that are sold only through independent distributors and for most of them I keep my distance. I check them out once in a while, but usually either the distributor network revenue matrix (pyramid scheme) is way too complex and ridiculous to figure out or the drink itself is just crap.

Recently a friend of mine told me to check out this new one that launched recently called efusjon and so far it’s getting a lot of attention. The interesting thing about this one to start with, is that it has 2 versions, one that is just the natural Acai berry raw and one that is the Acai berry with a boost of caffeine. There are a couple more varieties on the way as well.

I decided to try it out. The founder who came up with the revenue algorithm is a former Microsoft VP and they have decided to tap into social media to aid in the marketing and promotion of the drink. They are launching the drink using Facebook and Twitter so instead of your old school “tupperwear” style in-person parties, it’s word of mouth offline and online using technology. I’m still learning how this part works.

Anyway, I signed up for the auto-ship each month. I drink Acai drinks all the time anyway and I’m always on the hunt for new brands. This independent distributor model is much simpler and a lot more attractive then the others I’ve researched. With this product, you only need to recruit 3 additional people to get the matrix filled in.

This is really taking off from those I talk to, so if anyone is interested in learning more about it and testing it out with me then just email me  at joe [@] jpatrickm.com, or just visit https://www.myefusjon.com/jpatrickm

Here are some links to videos that explain the cool 3-matrix that makes this club model different.

The Matrix in action: http://www.efusjonenergyclub.com/flv/matrixtraining.html

Your Personal Economic Stimulus: http://www.efusjonenergyclub.com/flv/stimulus.html

Here is a really tacky & annoying website but the video explanation is much better:

I’ll keep you posted on how my research goes! 🙂

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