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Phew! My domain expired at GoDaddy and I almost didn’t catch it… that would have sucked!!

But crisis averted – is safely back up and running.

Now I can get back to not posting on it.

Wish I had more time.

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My last post on Father’s Day gifts is too old and starting to annoy me every time I look at my blog… so it’s time for an update… not that anyone is paying attention lol

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San Diego County Fair 2008, Del Mar, CA Summer is in full swing now here in San Diego. The days are beautiful and sunny in the mid 80’s, but unlike the east coast, we don’t get the high humidity. The past few weeks have been great. Last weekend a few of us ventured up north to Del Mar for the 2008 San Diego County Fair. I’ve actually never been but I thought what the hell and caved to my friend’s peer pressuring. Normally the thought of fried-food eating fat country folks in spandex doesn’t sound fun to me but I guess you have to try everything once. It ended up being a good time. Andre and my friend Richard were like a couple of teenagers and just HAD to go on every damn ride. I, of course, being the weak-stomached pansy that I am, just watched from the sidelines. It occurred to me while sitting on benches in the shade watching the kids run by with cotton candy and lolly pops that I am getting old lol 😉

San Diego County Fair Charlie's Chicken Of course the most ridiculous thing we ran across was Charlie’s Chicken… a massive trailer that sells pretty anything you want fried. Fried avocado, fried Twinkies, fried Oreos, fried Spam and the real kicker… a fried chicken patty sandwiched between two glazed Crispy Creme donuts!!! We just had to sample a few, so at the counter I told the kid, "We’ll have an order of the fried Twinkie, fried Oreos, fried Spam and fried Avocados and an ambulance on stand-by please, thanks".

Fried Avocado, Fried Spam, Fried Twinkies, Fried Oreos

This weekend Dylan is in town (my old roommate who moved back to Seattle for the summer and then is starting film school in San Francisco in August). It’s been nice hanging out with him again. Yesterday and today we just sat by the pool at my Friend Nick’s house. It’s perfect pool weather.

The 4th of July is Andre’s birthday so we are planning another big "shindig" pool party at Nicks to celebrate. That should be fun. Hopefully I won’t be too drunk to snap a few photos to post here.

Summer is ticking by so quick. I need to schedule in a trip back east to see the family in New England. Hopefully soon I can get off my butt and plan it before it gets into fall.

That’s all for now I guess.

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He’s still my choice for Idol. Here is David Archuleta’s most recent performance. He forgot his lyrics last week, which was awkward, but he pulled it all back together again for this one. His version of Imagine from a few weeks ago is still my favorite.

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I’m not really a huge American Idol fan but a few of the auditions this year moved me. Good voice, good song and good looks… that’s my criteria 🙂

Here are my picks so far:

This is David who auditioned in San Diego.

Josiah Leming didn’t make the final 24 cut but I liked this audition of a song by Mika.

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Cirque Du Soleil Corteo in San Diego, CA Corteo in Italian is a joyous procession, a festive parade… in this case imagined by a clown. Tonight me and my roommate Dylan went to see the new Cirque Du Soleil show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. It was opening night. Dylan got 2 free tickets from a promoter who is coming into Rich’s, the nightclub Dylan manages, on Saturday night to promote the new show. If was a great show, as always. If you haven’t been to a Cirque show yet, I highly recommend it. They have certainly redefined the definition of a circus. The acrobats and stunts they do just defy gravity. It’s amazing… not to mention the dancers are quite sexy 😉

I figured out that I *think* this is the 5th Cirque show I’ve seen. One at Disney World in FL, two in Vegas (one of them twice), one in Seattle and now this one.

The show runs through February 10 and tickets are available online at the Cirque Du Soleil website, so there’s still time!

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