Puerto Vallarta

Here are the photos from our week at Casa Valerie in Puerto Vallarta. Even though we were just in PV in August, this trip was our annual get-a-way to celebrate my friend Nick’s birthday along with the rest of the boys. Last year was our Cancun & Mexico City trip but we returned to Puerto Vallarta this year… it’s relaxing, familiar and lot of fun.

Nick rented a villa called Casa Valerie for the week. It was an amazing place with incredible views as you can see from the photos below. The trip was even better this year because Andre got to come along 🙂

We had a great staff, our own chef and bartender and so we could just sit by the pool and eat chips and guacamole and drink all day. The weather this time of year is perfect and the humidity that we felt in August is gone now. It wasn’t as crowded as I expected but I guess the economy around the world is keeping everyone at home.

It was a great trip and I’m really thankful to Nick for taking us along. Both me and Andre had a blast.

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Casa Valerie, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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View from our pool. I "might" be able to relax a bit 🙂

In Puerto Vallarta For A Week

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Andre and I took off for a long weekend down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We just went from Friday morning until Tuesday night. It was an awesome trip and we had a lot of fun. It’s not really tourist season right now, so the weather was extremely hot and the humidity was almost overwhelming, but it was tolerable if you could hide inside the A/C or in the pool every once in awhile. We mostly just lounged around the beach or pool, went out for drinks and dinner and relaxed. On Monday we took a horseback riding adventure up into the mountains to the rain forest jungles. I haven’t been on a horse before (once when I was about 7, but only for a minute), so it was a ton of fun. In fact, I think I might buy one now lol. The entire time I just pretended that I was a cowboy or old Army Cavalry Officer, which I’m convinced I was in a former life haha

Here are the pictures… click the collage below for the slideshow at Flickr. I also took a few short video clips of us horseback riding, so I’ll try to organize and get those posted soon.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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I just returned from Puerto Vallarta last night. I was there from Monday afternoon through Thursday afternoon. It was awesome… that’s the only word I can find to describe it… almost surreal. The entire time I was just thinking to myself, I’m not really here, this is too nice! lol I went down by myself to just unwind and relax. I had the week off from work and I knew if I stayed at home I would just sit in front of the computer.

The only problem is that I forgot my camera 🙁 So all I had was my little camera phone, which I guess is better then nothing. I took a few pictures and also managed to grab a few video clips of the place I was staying.

I stayed in a little exclusive place called Casa Cupula. The entire place only has 10 rooms so it is very exclusive, tucked away on a back hillside overlooking the bay. I am friends with the owner and the manager, who are both American and used to live in Seattle. They just opened up for this season on Monday so I was one of their first guests for the winter. They also upgraded me to one of the nicer suites, with a nice king size bed and huge double-headed shower, which was just a reminder to myself that I was traveling alone. They have a full staff and you and you can drink and eat anytime of day. There was only 1 other guest staying there for most of my visit so it was like having the entire house to myself.

During the day I just sat by the pool or walked down to the beach and sat under the umbrellas and drank a few beers. The locals are very friendly, outgoing and very cute. As an example of how outgoing they are, I arrived on Monday afternoon and decided to walk down to a local cafe to get some food. I sat down at a table and noticed a little scooter drive by with a very cute guy on it. A few minutes later the scooter returned and parked out front. He came in and chatted with the staff for a few minutes, clearly friends with all of them. After about 10 minutes he left, smiling to me as he jumped back on his scooter and sped off. The waiter (who was also one of the cutest guys I’ve ever seen) then came over to me and handed me a little handwritten note along with my check. The note said:

Hi Cutie, how are you?
I think u r so handsome.
I saw u b4.
This is my phone number ### ### ## #####.
– Eduardo.

I just smiled and thought to myself… damn I love this city! lol How perfect is that. I’m there for less then a few hours and I’m getting notes from really cute boys. This stuff NEVER happens to me.

Anyway, that set the tone of my entire stay. People are very friendly and very outgoing and it was nice to meet and chat with all sorts of people. I also noticed that being on my own made me much more outgoing, which usually is not the case normally. I’m soooo ready to move there 🙂

The rest of my trip was fairly low-key (I don’t kiss and tell) haha The pictures and video clips are below. If you’re thinking about getting away to Puerto Vallarta, definitely consider Casa Cupula. Tell them Joe sent you haha 😉

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